Kampa Rally Awning Accessories

Kampa Rally accessories are a great range of products to ensure you squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of your caravan holiday. With windbreaks and enclosures, you can extend your outdoor living space and seek shelter from wind.
An inner tent means that unexpected guests can make themselves very comfortable in your annex or awning, by converting the open space into a comfortable living space.
Monsoon pole adds extra tension to the roof panels of your Kampa porch awning, which gives the roof a boost in wet weather and helps to weatherproof your awning.
Rear upright poles contribute to a stronger seal between the awning and the caravan wall; your awning already has a bumper pad between the caravan and the awning, the poles just reinforce and support the seal created by the original bumper pad. Weatherproof your awning and provide your family with private outdoor living space and make the most of your time away in your caravan.