Isabella Awning Carpet

Isabella breathable groundsheet is a high quality carpet and is renowned in the caravan and outdoor living sector as being a premium, high quality product with over 60 years of history.

Here at Caravanalia we stock the whole of the Isabella groundsheet range including the new 'Sol' range for the 2016/17 season. The Isabella range comes in a choice of styles,colours and sizes ranging from 2.5 metres depth up to a maximum of 3 metres for certain styles in the range. Our cut to size service allows you to purchase not only the right width but also the correct length that you will need. In fact we have been asked and been able to supply runs of 10 metres of more in the past. 

The smooth-woven combination of nylon threads spun with PVC and finished in a heat press gives the Isabella groundsheet carpet the ability to be trimmed from the roll without it fraying, they are both lightweight, easy to clean and store, as it can be folded.