Caravan Covers

Kampa 3 Ply Breathable Caravan Cover available from us here at Caravanalia with a Free Hitch-cover and a storage bag. 

We work with some of the biggest and best brands in the caravan industry and the Kampa Caravan cover has long been established as one of the best value for money covers on the market in our opinion. 

We don't see why you have to pay any extra for a hitch-cover and delivery separately, so the price you see displayed is the price you'll pay when you shop with us. In most cases we will look to deliver your new caravan cover to you within 1 working day (depending on your location) and what's more Kampa offer you a 2 year warranty on the SFS material. 

Using a Kampa Caravan Cover for storing your caravan keeps your caravan clean and mildew free. An easy to fit, practical storage solution for the winter months or long term storage.