Towing Mirrors and the Law Advice from Milenco


TOWING MIRRORS - THE LAW – Advice from award winning Milenco brand

The Law in the United Kingdom specifies,you must be able to see clearly down both sides of the caravan, and see 4 meters either side of the caravan at a distance of 20 meters behind the rear ofthe caravan.

This in reality means, if yourcaravan/trailer is wider than the rear of your tow vehicle, you must fit towingmirrors to comply with the law. You can be fined up to £1000 and get 3 point onyour licence for towing blind. (At exhibitions, we have met many caravannersthat had received 3 points and £60 fixed penalty notices.)

On tow vehicles conforming to directive2003/97 EC or sold after January 2007, the towing mirrors may project 25cmsfurther than the widest part of the caravan. On tow vehicles pre dating thisdirective, the mirrors may project 20 cms further than the widest part of thecaravan.

Since 12th of December 2005 it is a legalrequirement that you have type approved (e-marked) mirrors on both sides of thetow vehicle.

All Milenco mirrors comply with the law,are type approved and correctly e-marked.

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