Caravan Security

The theft or even the fear of having your caravan stolen is awful, however with more and more security innovations coming on to the market the chances of having a well protected caravan stolen is greatly reduced. We work with Milenco, Alko and Crusader and along with you taking advice and direction from your insurance coming we are sure to have a security product that's right for you. 

Over the last few years more and more caravan manufacturers are designed Alko Lozenge security bolts to their caravans, so if you are looking for either a lozenge or a full system please feel free to use our 'Contact Us' form providing us details of your caravans model,age and wheel size and we will be able to quote you a delivered price for the lozenge that you may require.

Always where possible look for brands that carry the 'SCM' or 'Sold Solid' logo's as a sign that they have been designed and tested within the industry.